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General Judaic Studies

General Judaic Studies


The Meaning of Prayer 
Women's prayer class.

Date:          Sundays, 9:30am 
Instructor:   Mrs. Rivkie Spalter
Location:    Mequon Jewish Preschool 
Contact:     262-242-2235

Jewish History for Adults 
A lively discussion on themes in Jewish history based on examining key events and periods. For men and women.

Date:               Sundays, 10:00am 
Instructor:        Rabi Menachem Rapoport 
Location:         Peltz Center for Jewish Life 
Contact:          262-242-2235

An Island in Time
Delve into the practical and mystical aspects of Shabbat. Pertinent for any background of knowledge and observance.

Date:          Sundays, 2:30pm
Instructor:   Rabbi Michoel Feinstein
Location:    Chabad of the Bay Area
Contact:     920-288-2252

Judaism 101 for Women 
Get the basics on Jewish life in a comfortable discussion.

Date:               Mondays, 11:30am 
Instructor:        Mrs. Rivkie Spalter
Location:         Peltz Center for Jewish Life
Contact:          262-242-2235

Study with a Buddy 
Learn with a partner at your own pace! A great opportunity to advance your knowledge in a non-threatening environment, and the Rabbi is there to answer any questions you may have.

Date:               Tuesdays, 6:00pm 
Instructor:        Rabbi Yona Matusof 
Location:         Chabad of Madison 
Contact:          608-231-3450

Daily Jewish Living
Learn the how-to’s and why’s of daily Jewish life. Pertinent for any background of knowledge and observance.

Date:           Wednesdays, 6:30pm
Instructor:    Rabbi Michoel Feinstein
Location:     2641 S Overland Rd, De Pere‎ WI‎
Contact:      920-288-2252

Lunch and Learn

Date:           Tuesdays, 12:00pm 
Instructor:    Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin 
Location:     Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center‎ 
Contact:      414-961-6100 x 4645

Date:           Thursdays, 12:00pm 
Instructor:    Rabbi Yossi Bassman 
Location:     Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center‎ 
Contact:      414-961-6100 x 4775 

Ladies Learning

Date:           Wednesdays, 7:45pm
Instructor:    Mussie Shmotkin
Location:     Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center‎
Contact:      414-961-6100 x 4789 


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