Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin

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Executive Vice President-Lubavitch of Wisconsin
Email:Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin
Phone: 414-961-6100 Ext. 204

Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin serves as the Executive Vice President for Lubavitch of Wisconsin.

Rabbi Mendel is involved with overall administration of Lubavitch of Wisconsin taking a leading role in fueling Lubavitch of Wisconsin newfound financial stability.

Rabbi Mendel's passion lies in teaching. He teaches numerous one-on-one classes, Lunch-and-learns, couples classes and group classes. His college accredited classes "The Jewish Learning Institute" have attracted hundreds over the last ten years.

Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin co-founded Yeshivas Menachem in Detroit in 1995.  He moved to Milwaukee as a Shaliach of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1997 and founded the Beis Hamidrash – The House of Study Lubavitch Adult Education Program.  He also co-founded the Milwaukee Community Cheder (1997) and The Shul in Bayside (2002).

Rabbi Mendel lives with his wife and nine children in Glendale.

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