Lessons 'N Lattes (for women)  
A morning burst of caffeine for your soul. Join Chabad "chefs" in Rebbetzin Fagie's kitchen to learn, laugh, experience and rejuvinate mind, body, and soul. Enjoy a gourmet breakfast and lively meaningful discussions over a steaming latte made just for you.

Date:               Every other Sunday, 10:00am  
Instructor:        Mrs. Fagie Rapoport  
Location:         Home of Fagie Rapoport 
Contact:          262-242-2235

Chassidic Philosophy 

Date:               Sundays, 8:30am 
Instructor:        Rabbi Cheski Edelman 
Location:         The Shul Center 
Contact:          414-228-8000 ext. 209

Discourses of the Rebbe  
Text based study if the Rebbe’s ma’amorim, Chasidic discourses on themes of mysticism and spiritual development.
Date:               Mondays-Fridays, 6:30-7:00am 
                        Sunday, 7:30-8:00am 
Instructor:        Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin 
Location:         Lubavitch House 
Contact:          414-961-6100 ext. 4640

The Chassidic Perspective for Women  
The Chassidic dimension of the week.

Date:               Mondays, 8:00pm   
Instructor:        Mrs. Dinie Rapoport  
Location:         Peltz Center for Jewish Life
Contact:          262-242-2235

Women's Tanya Class  

Date:               Tuesdays, 7:30pm 
Instructor:        Mrs. Chava Edelman 
Location:         The Shul Center 
Contact:          414-228-8000 ext. 210 

Teachings of Judaism from the Chassidic Rebbes.

Date:               Tuesday, 10:30am or Thursday, 6:00pm  
Instructor:        Rabbi Yaakov Elman  
Location:         Jewish REACH  
Contact:          414-213-8023

Date:               Saturdays, 8:45am  
Instructor:        Rabbi Yisroel Lein  
Location:         Chabad of the East Side  
Contact:          414-961-6100 ext.4643

Kabbalah of Time                                          
Learn the secrets behind the daily prayers. It is hard, if not impossible, to conceive of faith in G‑d without some concept of prayer Prayer is for the soul what food is for the body.

Date:               Wednesdays, 8:15am 
Instructor:        Rabbi Mendel Shmotkin 
Location:         The Shul 
Contact:          414-961-6100 ext. 4645

The Chassidic Approach 
A mystical look at the weekly Torah reading as explained by the Chassidic masters. Advanced study.

Date:               Saturdays, 8:50-9:30am 
Instructor:        Rabbi Moshe Rapoport 
Location:         Peltz Center for Jewish Life 
Contact:          262-242-2235

Mystical Themes of the Bible   
Spiritual perspectives on the weekly Torah reading based on the teachings of the great Chasidic masters.

Date:               Saturdays, 9:00am  
Instructor:        Rabbi Yona Matusof  
Location:         Chabad of Madison  
Contact:          608-231-3450


Women’s Tanya Class 
An introduction to the idea and structure of the book of Tanya 

Date:               Tuesdays, 10:00am  
Instructor:        Rabbi Yoseph Samuels  
Location:         Peltz Center for Jewish Life
Contact:          262-242-2235

Date:               Tuesdays, 2:00pm
Instructor:        Mrs. B. Devorah Shhmotkin
Location:         Jewish Beginnings
Contact:          414-962-2444

Date:               Tuesdays, 8:00pm  
Instructor:        Mrs. Mushka Lein  
Location:         Private Home, Call for info  
Contact:          414-961-6100 ext. 4643

Men’s Tanya Class 
Apply the lessons of the Tanya to your life. Inquire, understand, absorb. Chassidic story and discussion for men.

Date:               Mondays, 8:00pm 
Instructor:        Rabbi Yisroel Lein 
Location:         Private Home, Call for info 
Contact:          414-961-6100 ext. 4643

The Longer Shorter Way 
Tanya study class in Russian.

Date:               Wednesdays, 7:30pm 
Instructor:        Rabbi Yaakov Elman 
Location:         Jewish REACH 
Contact:          414-213-8023