Practical Jewish Law
A comprehensive study of Jewish laws and customs that affect our lives.

Date:            Tuesdays, 7:15pm
Instructor:     Rabbi Moshe Rapoport
Location:       Peltz Center for Jewish Life
Contact:        262-242-2235

Date:             Saturdays, 4:30pm
Instructor:      Rabbi Yisroel Lein
Location:       Chabad of the East Side
Contact:        414-961-6100 ext 4643

Talmudic Studies
Business, marriage, holiday observance, civil law, ethics, philosophy, and the gamut of human experience as understood through the sayings of the Sages recorded throughout the thousands of pages of oral tradition recorded in the Talmus.


Date:             Shabbos, 12:45pm
Instructor:      Rabbi Avremi Shapiro
Location:       The Shul Center
Contact:        414-228-8000 ext 201

Date:             Sundays, 9:00am 
Instructor:      Rabbi Cheski Edelman 
Location:       The Shul Center
Contact:        414-228-8000 ext 209

Date:             Mondays and Thursdays, 6:00-6:30am
Instructor:      Rabbi Yoseph Samuels
Location:       Lubavitch House
Contact:        414-841-6464

Date:            Sundays, 9:00pm
Instructor:     Rabbi Yisroel Lein 
Location:      Chabad of the East Side 
Contact:       414-961-6100 ext 4643

Date:            Mondays, 8:00pm 
Instructor:     Rabbi Yehoshua Landes
Location:      Chabad Lubavitch Torah Center 
Contact:       414-559-8838 

Date:            Tuesday, 8:30pm
Instructor:     Rabbi Moshe Rapoport
Location:      Peltz Center for Jewish Life
Contact:       262-242-2235

Date:            Wednesday, 7:15pm 
Instructor:     Rabbi Motty Spalter 
Location:      Peltz Center for Jewish Life 
Contact:       262-242-2235