Mrs. B. Devorah Shmotkin


Director, Jewish Beginnings
Director, The Hillel Academy
*managed by Lubavitch of Wisconsin
Devorah Shmotkin

Devorah was raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where her father served as the local Rabbi, and later in New Haven, Connecticut, where he was principal of the Lubavitch day school.  At a young age, she left home to receive her high school education at the Bais Rivkah girls’ high school in Brooklyn, NY, where she excelled in her studies and went on to study in its teachers’ seminary.  From 1969 until 1987, as a teacher in Hillel Academy, Devorah taught hundreds of students from kindergarten through eighth grade.  She then assumed the directorship of Lubavitch Nursery School, the precursor of today’s Jewish Beginnings.

Devorah is the proud mother who tends to and continues to nurture her eight married children and their families and her three as yet unmarried children.