Rabbi Yisroel Shmotkin

Executive Director - Lubavitch of Wisconsin 
Rabbi Shmotkin
Phone: 414-961-6100

Founder and Executive Director of Lubavitch of Wisconsin, where he moved from New York with his wife, B. Devorah, in 1968. One of the early pioneers of Lubavitch emissaries, in what is today the largest worldwide Jewish educational networks consisting of over 1,000 institutions and 4,000 Shluchim (Lubavitch emissary/Rabbis).

In Wisconsin, Lubavitch boasts 25 institutions operating within 10 centers throughout the state, including synagogues, primary and elementary schools, Hebrew schools, youth programs, counseling centers, senior programs, women’s circles, and an extensive adult education program.

Founding member of the International Lubavitch Shluchim Conference; founding member of National Lubavitch Development Fund; member of the Executive Shluchim Committee; member of the Executive Committee of Agudas Chassdai Chabad - the Lubavitch umbrella organization.