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Seventy Years Strong Campaign

  • Join us for Learning the Rebbe's Torah 

    24 th of Tevet – Monday January 20 th 7:30 PM  marking the Altar Rebbe’s yahrzeit, we’ll get together at the Shul Center in Bayside to learn together a Maamar of the Rebbe, taught by Rabbi Chayim Friedman, Principal of BHH, followed by a farbrengen led by Rabbi Yisroel Lein.

  • 7 th of Shvat – Sunday  February 2 nd  @ 7:00PM  we will get together at the Friendship Circle Café (8649 N. Port Washington Rd.) where there will be learning for men and women. Details to follow, including a farbrengen.

  • The Rebbe taught and asked each of us to upgrade our own observance of Mitzvot and study of Torah and to act out our Ahavas Yisrael – love to fellow Jew – to include, reach and impact more and more Jews in doing a Mitzvah. Accordingly each of us will undertake to upgrade our study of Torah and/or observance of Mitzvot.

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