Class Recordings throughout the week with The Shul Center

Mark you calendars & check back for these daily virtual classes:

  • Sunday Sichos
  • Monday Mishnayos
  • Tuesday Tanya
  • Wednesday "Why do we do it" (submit your questions for Rabbi Cheski to answer)
  • Thursday Talmud
  • Friday Sermon for Shabbat
  • Rabbi Avremi's practical Judaism   

Visit The Shul's website for a full schedule of classes to come!  

Past Classes:

Friday, April 24 - Anne Frank and the  Coronavirus. A Message for our Times. with Rabbi Cheski

Sunday, April 5 - How to Get the Most Out of Your Seder with Rabbi Cheski Part 1 & Part 2

Friday, April 3 - Rabbi's Message with Rabbi Cheski 

Thursday, April 2 - How to Run a Seder with Rabbi Avremi

Tuesday, March 31 - Ten Minutes of Talmud with Rabbi Cheski

Monday, March 30 - Practical Instructions for Running a Seder with Rabbi Cheski

Saturday, March 29 -  Make Yogurt Pops with us!

Friday, March 27 -  Rabbi's Message: Don't Sacrifice. Invest. 

Thursday, March 26 - Passover Prep

Wednesday, March 25 -

Vayikra: Pushing Out the Corona Noise 

Torah with Levi Schapiro

Tuesday, March 24 - Ten Minutes of Talmud with Rabbi Cheski

Monday, March 23 - 

"Becoming a Soulful Educator" Book Discussion with Tzipi Altman-Shafer 

Mishnayos of Chapter 2 of Tractate Pesachim with Rabbi Cheski 

Sunday, March 22 -  Simple pleasures: A Unique Look on Gratification with Rabbi Cheski 

Saturday, March 21 - How was your Shabbos? with Rabbi Cheski 

Friday, March 20 - 

Pre-Shabbat Music with Aviva Linton 

Braid Challah Dough with us!

Sermon with Rabbi Cheski

Thursday, March 19 -

Make Challah Dough with us!

Parshat Vayahkhel-Pekudei: How to build an enduring relationship!  

Wednesday, March 18 -  Chapter 28 of Tanya with Rabbi Cheski

Tuesday, March 17 -  Why do we raise our fingertips to the havdallah candle flame? with Rabbi Cheski  

Monday, March 16 - Mishnayos Monday with Rabbi Cheski