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Studying Rambam Daily; What, when, how and why  A New Epoch in Torah Learning

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Three chapters per day: In this cycle, the Mishneh Torah is completed within a year.

One chapter per day: Intended for those who lack the time to study three chapters, the program of one chapter per day completes the Mishneh Torah in less than three years.

Sefer HaMitzvot: Rambam’s short compilation of the mitzvot as they appear from their source in the Torah – the Five Books of Moshe – the code of the laws in his 14-volume – Mishneh Torah. For those who find the study of Mishneh Torah difficult to adhere to, the Book of Mitzvahs is arranged in the order of the topics studied in the three chapter cycle, and is completed yearly.

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Smart Phone: Search your app store for "Rambam" 

Videos:  Rambam with Rabbi Gordon Sefer Hamitzvos shiurim by Rabbi Mendy Kaplan

Acclaimed Rabbis Stream Daily Study of Mishneh Torah 

Audio: Classes on Maimonides

Chayenu Weekly: The English-language publication contains the text of one chapter per day and Sefer Hamitzvos. It also brings together other portions of Jewish texts, stretching from the Parsha to Halacha to foundational works of Chasidic thought. Order at www.chayenu.org


Rambam Le'am The whole set of Rambam in Hebrew. Order at Crown Judaica.

Rambam in English The whole set of Rambam with English translation—by Moznaim. Available at Crown Judaica.

Sefer Hamitzvos in Hebrew and/or English. Available at Crown Judaica.