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6 Mondays
April 26 - May 31, 2021
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM

This course is being offered for both online and in-person attendees -
We would like to have at least 10 people to do an in person class - we have lots of room to safely maintain distance between students.

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Course Overview

This can never happen 
A credible case for feeling good about the future 
For thousands of years, the prophecies of a “Messianic age” stretched the imaginations 
of even the most fervent believers. Not anymore.
Instant media, mass social movements and a global pandemic have shown us how suddenly and radically the world can be rewired by the actions of a few. 
Why not for the good? 
It’s not magic, it’s Mashiach*  
The promise of a literal Redemption led by an anointed redeemer (“Mashiach”) is a central, if mystifying, Jewish belief. This course unpacks the purpose of it and the practical path to making it a reality today.  
You hear “redemption” and wonder… 
Who or what needs to be “redeemed”?
Why does it feel like things are getting worse?
Is the Jewish idea of utopia scientifically sound?
What if the world rejects the Jewish vision of utopia?
What about human responsibility?
Can a religion really have an answer to divisiveness?
What actually needs to change for the world to?
And if there’s an order to this all… why does the world feel so incredibly chaotic?

Join us to demystify the Jewish idea of a perfect world and discover a practical path for reaching it in our lifetimes, with these six lessons: 

Lesson Outline

Lesson 1

Start with the Science:
In a society marked by chaos and discord, it’s hard to believe our world is actually better than it’s ever been. Let’s dive into the data of what’s wrong—and what’s right—with the world.

Lesson 2
Who Needs a Redemption?
Though it will solve every speck of ill in the world, the idea of Redemption is not a response to strife. Rather, it’s an independent and foundational tenet of Jewish belief. See where it fits into the bigger story of Creation.

Lesson 3
Superhuman vs. Super Humans
Waiting for a Messiah to come save humanity feels a little…un-Jewish. But what if Redemption is a natural reaction to humanity’s own cumulative action?Discover the effect you’ve already had on the reality of the world.

Lesson 4
We're Getting There
Judaism sees all of history as one connected journey toward a single desired destiny. In this lesson, we look back to identify four distinct epochs that show us how far we’ve traveled on the way to a truly good world.

Lesson 5
Out of the Blues
So, will we wake up one day in a glorious wonderland? Or is the Redemption more of a gradual process? Let’s study the sources on the actual transition from our reality today into a world of revelation.

Lesson 6
And Then...
We’ve seen why the Redemption needs to happen and the human role in making it happen. Now peek into that perfect—and perfectly possible—world as the prophets and sages vividly describe it!