Are you already 13?
Need a pair of Tefillin, but can't afford it?
We will arrange to get a pair for your use & help you put it on!

Lubavitch of Wisconsin is dedicated to provide Tefillin to every Jewish male who cannot afford it.  If you or someone you know would agree to wrap Tefillin every weekday and needs a pair of Tefillin, we will provide a pair for any amount you can afford or free of charge.  


Here is our policy for providing the tefillin:

  • A commitment to put them on every week day is a must. 
  • Through the years we have received a substantial amount of requests from all kinds of individuals. We now require an endorsement from a local Chabad Rabbi. If you are not aware of a local Chabad, let us know and we will recommend one nearby. If no Chabad is in your vicinity, contact information from another Rabbi may be accepted.
  • You must provide your full name, location, and email. 

Learn More About Tefillin and How to Put Them On

Please contact our office at 414-316-4640 or email us.