Chedva Federman, Director
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 414-316-4789 

Working with seniors for over 30 years, Chedva has vast experiences and knowledge when it comes to caring for the elderly. She is attuned to the difficulties that seniors face while in hospitals, in care facilities and in independent living. While navigating through these challenges, Chedva makes sure to focus on the positives too. She helps seniors to bring out their talents and to continue living meaningful lives.

While living in California, Chedva was instrumental in developing and implementing an intergeneration program. When she moved to Wisconsin over 15 years ago, she has brought with her that same program and passion.

Senior Connections offers a wide range of services and programs, in both individual and group settings, with deep care for each and every person.

Senior Connections is here to provide you and your loved ones with a sense of happiness, comfort, purpose and a quality of life.

Everyone deserves to age successfully!

"Seniors have vast knowledge and experiences to offer. They are the pillars of our society upon whom our generation stands. It is my hope that our children will appreciate and respect those who planted for our future."
-Chedva Federman

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